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You're the only one who truly knows if the time is right. If it isn't, no problem. You can take decisive action to change your life another day. 

But if you're really serious about success in the markets, and if you somehow know that this is the right moment for you, then you owe it to yourself to apply for membership in Project Regulus.

This unique program provides an innovative multi-phase experience that includes:

  • Advanced training videos, audio lessons, and amazing workbooks, handouts, mind maps and recommended resource materials to turbo-charge your learning
  • In-depth mentoring to answer your questions, address your most pressing concerns, and inspire your vision of the vast benefits you'll gain through real astro-trading mastery
  • The support, synergy, and accountability provided by an extraordinary group of high-level astro-traders who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and boosting your success

Project Regulus Member Michael Lee Talks About His Trading Success

Going sky-diving didn't really prepare Michael Lee for the risks of trading. When he first began his trading career, he developed a pattern of following his wins with much bigger losses in the markets.

But after 13 years of trading, when he discovered the astro-trading advantage and then Project Regulus, his trading results changed dramatically.

While there's no guarantee that you can duplicate Michael's performance in the markets, if you're truly serious about astro-trading, joining Project Regulus can put you on the path to mastery.

This Highly Advanced Program In Astro-Trading Mastery May Not Be Right For You...

If you're a bit curious about the way the planets move the markets . . .

Or if you're convinced that financial astrology can give you a magic wand that will create a million-fold return in the markets overnight . . . 

. . . then please stay away from Project Regulus!

Success in this unique training and mentoring program requires a commitment in time, money, and persistence.

If you haven't got the Right Stuff it probably isn't going to be a good fit for you at all. 

On the other hand, you should apply for membership in Project Regulus if:

  • You'll do whatever it takes for you to reach astro-trading mastery.
  • You're sure you deserve to know the hidden secrets that really move the markets.
  • You want to open up the incredible opportunities for power and prosperity that were formerly only available to market insiders and the legendary trading wizards of days gone by. 
  • You refuse to take "no" for an answer in your relentless quest for personal fulfillment and genuine prosperity, and are ready to commit the time, money, and dedication to service that are the prerequisites of enlightened mastery in the markets.

What Makes Project Regulus So Different?

Project Regulus is unlike any trading education you've ever experienced before.

You get advanced instruction in breakthrough techniques you can apply in the markets.

You'll accelerate your progress through the benefits of expert mentoring.

PLUS you get dynamic support from the world's most enthusiastic astro-traders!

Planetary Dynamics

Discover cycles of the planets that are hidden forces behind trend changes in the markets.

In-Depth Harmonic Analysis

Apply waves, harmonics, and resonant fields to time your trades with pin-point accuracy.

Cut Risks With Trade Management

Protect yourself against big losses by discovering the truth about high-probability trading.

Innovative & Expert Instruction

Gain the wisdom and creative insights that can set you apart from most ordinary traders.

Meet the Project Regulus Coordinator:

Tim Bost has been studying astrology and the markets for more than 40 years, bringing him international recognition as one of the leading experts in financial astrology and astro-trading. 

Since 1988 he has been the editor and publisher of FinancialCyclesWeekly newsletter, and is the author of Gann Secrets Revealed; Mercury, Money & The Markets, and many other publications. 

As the coordinator for Project Regulus, Tim works directly with the members to provide advanced astro-trading instruction, to facilitate the development of active trading strategies, and to deliver personal mentoring along the path toward astro-trading mastery.

He also conducts one-on-one admissions interviews with each applicant for membership in the Project Regulus astro-trading mastery program.

These key factors truly set Project Regulus apart...

Is Limited.

We're deliberately keeping this group small to allow for more effective mentoring. If you apply you may not meet our criteria, and even if you are accepted your name may go on a waiting list if openings aren't available. But go ahead and apply even if you're not sure if you'll make the cut - the only way you'll find out is if you take action now.

Real Skills You Can Use.

Project Regulus is not just about the theories of financial astrology.  It's designed to help you develop lhe skills and knowledge you need for ongoing success in the markets, and in your life as a whole. We take a lot of pride in being able to provide helpful guidance, and we truly value the close connections our members share.